Optimizing internal relationships and managing employees’ relational talent are objectives of this type of program. They facilitate the relationship, minimize conflicts and, above all, allow them to be aware of how to interact to achieve their own goals, encouraging their creativity in the workplace, well-being with other coworkers and understanding how personal relationships work. at a deep level.

In this series of training programs, all kinds of internal relationships are addressed, vertically and horizontally, establishing the structure and appropriate techniques to optimize the relational system.


Awareness of the most effective interaction techniques and how to use them in each environment.

Improving relationships, fluidizing them and making them more creative and effective.

Improvement of empathy and perception of others.


This type of consulting is responsible for designing a uniform relational system that allows structuring communication between people throughout the organization.

The bases for the design and development of the optimal relational system are established, which promote vertical and horizontal communication, creativity and agilely resolve conflicts, avoiding mistakes that may make the organization fall into serious problems.

In these sessions, we jointly design the relational system and associated training so that the organization implements a new way of communicating internally, advising on possible problems and optimizing relationships.


Improve the generation and development of internal projects.

Improvement of internal communication.

Greater relational employee satisfaction.

Unify the communication style of the company.