Our external Business Relations programs address both sales and purchases, from a relational skills point of view, while working on the techniques and structure of both to achieve the best results.

A fundamental part of this type of training, within this phase in business relationships, is the development of the ability to identify new opportunities that make relationships better, more lasting and collaborative.

At CVPVLA we approach business relationships taking into account the influence that new technologies have had, all the selling and buying techniques taught in the last decades and new sociological and psychological approaches related to personal relationships, focused on the business world.


Improvement of external relationships (suppliers and clients).

Identification of new opportunities.

Improved productivity of the commercial department.

Improvement in the use of commercial techniques.

Improvement in the identification of the relational structure in which they are and keys to success in that relationship.

Improved outcome for the organization, therefore increased profitability.


The basis of any company is to sustain the generation of profits. The commercial network takes care of this. The design of how we keep relationships with the markets is vital for the company.

We assist in the design and development of business teams and structures that optimize resources and improve the overall results of the organization, avoiding relational problems in business teams and designing their training to improve results and profits.


Improvement of results and profitability.

Improvement of external relations with both suppliers and clients.

Development of lasting collaborative relationships with clients and suppliers.

Control and management of effective Purchasing and / or Selling techniques, adapted to each situation.